What others say

"Pranabandhu Kar was a creative genius who probed human psyche... A fine creative man, who assuredly will remain as a model to many whose life he has shaped... His contribution and achievement as a creative soul is to be valued and treasured by subsequent generations...

Started writing short stories in the 1930s, he delved into the complex psychology of his characters in his subsequent writings, a trend he set in the 1940s to be followed by others...he improvised on the style, experimented with the themes and, unlike his predecessors, did not deal with human psychology in general but specialized in picking up small incidents and limited emotions that arise from specific situations...

Oriya short story writers after the 50s, more or less unconsciously and in a general way continue this trend which Kar developed... the stories written by Kar in the 50s and 60s provide the pioneering impetus...

He also carried over this trend of writing to dramas. Before him, in the 40s and 50s, dramas were mostly on social topics in story form and they emphasized on change and growth of events in which the characters used to play their parts. These type of dramas were written by Kali Charan Pattnaik, Gopal Chhotray, Ramchandra Mishra and early plays of Manoranjan Das. Kar brought new elements into his dramas, in the sense that, the emphasis shifted from plot-character to subtle human reactions and development of complex human psychology. The attitude was no longer social and socio-political. It became an involvement with human existence which comes to every human being as an organic part of his association with others. This was, in fact, a change in Oriya drama that took place towards the end of the 60s with the plays of Bijay Mishra and Biswajit Das and mid-career plays of Manoranjan Das. Again the unconscious and invisible impetus came from the plays of Kar, as it had come in the case of short stories...

In losing Pranabandhu Babu, Oriya literature has not only lost a pioneering spirit whose position is assured in modern Oriya literature, but also a fine man who was a model of affection, gentlemanliness and unpretentious behavior. It is difficult to come across such a person with the qualities of head and heart when basic human values are at a discount."

Prof. J.M.Mohanty, a noted scholar,writer and literary critic.

"His writings reflected the quality of his plays in the form of an iceberg, the tip of which was seen but the depth was intense. An artist cannot be differentiated from art and this was proved in the case of Kar and his works"

Dr. Vishwanath Prasad Tiwari, President Kendriya Sahitya Akademi.

"Pranabandhu Kar was a writer of extraordinary genre. He was a writer who belonged to the Renaissance age of Odia literature."

Dr. Ashok Das, Vice-chancellor of Utkal University

"Kar’s contribution to Odia literature stands unmatched."

Satakadi Hota, President of Odisha Sahitya Akademi

"Pranabandhu Kar was a legend who metamorphosed the cult of Odia drama."

Bisnuprasad Mishra, Secretary of Odisha Sahitya Academi

" Kar had a unique style of portraying the characters of his plays, besides being a colloquist in the scripts he used.

Dr. Labanya Nayak, literary critic. "

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